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Passport, visa and ID photos available in-store in minutes


PLEASE NOTE: The last passport must be taken 15min prior to closing time. Thanks.

Capture That Photographics has a reputation for taking perfect passport and visa photographs in Sydney's CBD, which is why we're the preferred supplier to the US, Greek and New Zealand consulates, and recommended by many others - they know we'll get it right first time.

We are passport and visa photo experts. As such, we adhere to all applicable standards, including the strict Australian passport guidelines, which is why we guarantee our passport photos:

Prices start from just $23.95 and standard passport photos can be ready in as little as 10 minutes, although some (e.g. US digital Greencards) require additional processing and can take longer.

There's no need to make an appointment. Just pop in any time between 8am - 3pm Monday - Thursday or Friday 8:00am - 12:00pm. 

Need a passport photo for a baby? Not a problem. We have lots of experience taking passport photos for all ages, but please allow a little extra time to allow us to ensure we get the right shot. We also have special facilities, if your baby is very young (unable to hold their head upright themselves).

Alternatively if you feel confident in taking the photo yourself, you can email the file to us and we can produce an image suitable for the required passport. It is recommended that you follow our guidelines when taking the photo. 

If your requirement is urgent and quality is important to you, look no further than Royal Express - we're recommended by the authorities.

Mobile and Emergency Passport Photo Service

We offer a discrete and professional mobile passport photo service if you'd rather have your photo taken in the comfort of your own home, or if you need your passport urgently.Pricing is on an ad-hoc basis. For out-of-hours or emergency service, please call 0402 141 592.






Australia, New Zealand, UK, Italy, Ireland, Iraq, France, Japan, China, Singapore, Austria, Malta, Korea, Nederlands, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Russia, Canada visa, Pakistan, Bangladesh most others*



US, India, Greece, Brazil, Canada passport, Turkey, Vietnam, Taxi, Dutch/Netherlands



USA Green Card Lottery Digital Photo N/A $26.95

Extra set (same format)

As above


Extra set (different format, e.g. US + Australia)

As above


Digital format with hard copy

AS above


Digital format without hard copy (saved to USB/CD/email)




Do you check passport or ID photos? Help us to help you
If you're from a government agency, consulate, or any other institution that requires a high quality passport or ID photo service, we can help. Our systems allow us to save the image requirements exactly to your specifications, giving you perfect images and saving you the time, effort and frustration of turning people away for this reason. If you'd like a demonstration, call us on 0402 141 592 or send us an email to arrange a time to come and visit our minilab in the heart of Sydney's CBD.

Common passport and visa photo requests include Australia, United States, New Zealand, Iraq, UK, Greece, Canada (passport, visa and citizenship photos), Japan, Ireland, India, China, Malaysia, Pakistan, Taiwan, Turkey, Malta, Russia, Austria, Brazil, South Korea, Singapore, Netherlands, Italy, France, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Taxi ID, Job application, International drivers license...and many more