Photo Restoration

Over time your precious photos can become damaged and faded. Whether it’s a crinkle, tear, water damage or colour deterioration, Royal Express can restore and reprint your photos back to near original quality. Our skilled technicians use the latest image manipulation software. We can even convert your images to various colour tones, file formats and external media, e.g. CD/DVD, to store for generations to come.

As each job is unique, pricing is based upon time spent restoring the photo. For an obligation-free estimate of how long your restoration might take, please send your photo via email to [email protected] with a description of the work you'd like done.

Basic restoration pricing:                            

  • 1-15 Minutes $9.95
  • 16-30 Minutes $19.95
  • 31 Minutes - 1 Hour $59.95   


In the example above, we were required to remove the name "Jack" which had been written on the original, plus crease marks in the top left corner and on the right. This job cost $59.95.


The second example required the removal of a number of fine lines, plus re-toning and lightening of the image. Cost $19.95.